33-year old female, san francisco BASED, management consultant, endurance athlete  

"I explored working with Amy at the start of the summer, after hearing about her from a family friend who had overheard someone discussing “the best person in California to help you find the right spouse.” I’d experienced loving relationships in my past but had not found “the one” yet and was turned off by the non-committal, often judgmental dating scene of the Bay Area.  I went into our initial meeting open-minded and cautiously optimistic. What type of men did she work with, what type of woman were they looking for, and was that me? Were they really looking for commitment and a family? Would the quality of potential matches justify the cost?

My initial meeting with Amy went better than I expected.  She carved out a large chunk of her morning to talk to me in detail about what I value, my history, my personal passions, and what I thought I was looking for in a future husband.  She also suggested particular qualities and areas to focus on that I had not previously prioritized, based on her years of working in the industry and seeing both successful and unsuccessful relationships.  This was particularly helpful, and where it is crucial to be open-minded – Amy has seen it all and can recognize needs or patterns instantly.  The moment I opened up to her (often small) ideas, I noticed a change in my mind-set and happiness in the dating land.  

The process of working with Amy is a dream.  You get out of Linx what you put in.  Amy is available to email or message literally every day – if you have your important first date on a Saturday, she makes herself available that evening to see pictures of what you are wearing and help you make decisions if you’d like it.  She is your best cheerleader and coach, providing encouragement and tips as you navigate the early stages.  Amy will provide honest and insightful style tips; she helped me tweak my look in a way that I had never imagined and makes me feel beautiful every day.  Matches will come at the cadence you’d like them – whether that be immediately upon becoming her client or more gradually.  Amy is very thoughtful about who she matches you with, thinking about both of your needs and desires.  She talks you through the initial matching phase, answering questions you may have about the other person and providing insight into why she thinks this particular person is so well suited for you.  

My personal Linx experience has been fulfilling, enjoyable, and unbelievably rewarding.  Within one week of becoming Amy’s client, I had my first official match with a man who was basically my “dream guy.”  We became exclusive almost immediately, and things continue to progress very well.  It’s still relatively early, but I couldn’t be happier.  I’m so grateful to Amy for her continual guidance and encouragement along the way. "