41-year old female, bay area based, entrepreneur, passionate about animal rescue and fitness 

"As a busy, successful small business owner and entrepreneur, I was finding it difficult to meet the kind of man I could see myself with long term. I was first introduced to Amy through her newsletter, which highlighted some of her VIP clients. One client sparked my interest, so I wrote to Amy and asked how I could get involved. After meeting Amy and her husband in person, and going through their process, I felt like it was a candid, refreshing way to approach dating.

After having been through dating websites, social groups and set ups through friends, I was ready to try something new. I also found their process a good exercise in self exploration, and really nailing down what I was looking for in a potential mate. One thing that stood out for me – after having done online dating – was that the men who had taken the time to team up with Amy seemed serious, and also committed to meeting a great partner.

Amy introduced me to Mark, my wonderful fiancé.  He is everything I've been looking for in a partner, and I don't think I could have conjured him up myself if I had a magic wand. Working with Amy is a combination of kismet, intelligence, and just plain old good common sense.”