Q. I’d like to speak to someone on the phone about a Linx membership.  What is your phone number?

A. Because of the size of our company, we do not have the time to process phone inquiries.  If you are interested in Linx, please submit a web inquiry and we will happily follow up with you.

Q. A lot of matchmakers seem to be not very reputable.  What makes you different?

A. Linx has been in business for over a decade.  We don’t advertise.  We work with a very specific demographic of high caliber clients Our reputation is everything, and most clients come to us as referrals.  Please see our testimonials, and press.

Q. Two years seems like a really long time.  Why are your contracts so long?

A. Actually, a lot of diligence goes into each of our matches, and clients tend to learn a lot about themselves in this process.  Most of our clients appreciate not feeling rushed, and are glad we take our time to get things right.

Q:  I’m based outside of the US, do you work with clients all over the world? 

A. Yes, we represent a handful of exceptional VIP men through the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. These clients desire meeting highly educated, dynamic women and the prospect of meeting introductions who typically reside in the US is very appealing as their respective businesses operate in today’s global economy. 

Q. Do you still throw weekly parties at the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel?

A. No.  We used to throw quarterly Link & Drink mixers, which were sometimes held at the Rosewood.  Linx has never hosted a regular event there.

Q. I’d like to be put on a waiting list, and have you contact me when an interesting woman becomes available.  How do I do that?

A.  We would have to get to know you in order to know if the two of you were a good fit… in other words, you’d have to become a client.

Q. Does Linx work with gay men as clients?

A. Linx does not currently have an LGBT client base, but we would be very happy to add you to our database, and would be willing to discuss VIP possibilities.  

Q. What is your take on dating apps such as Tinder or the like? 

A. At Linx Dating we highly encourage our clients to utilize multiple channels outside of Linx to increase their possibilities for success in matchmaking, and we include these kinds of services as recommended tools.  However, we also respectfully submit that they are incomplete solutions.  Why is this?

  1. Companies that build these kinds of apps are focused, first and foremost, on building technology businesses and that means that they need to create scale quickly with volume or they will not survive as businesses, whether or not that is the best thing for their customers.  At Linx, we do not have that kind of pressure to create massive scale, rapidly.  We can focus 100% on individualized client attention.
  2. Although volume dating and quick exposure to dating candidates in an app can have value, we believe it fosters the kind of hookup culture that can lead to quick gratification but not necessarily the kind of base necessary to build long-term commitment in a meaningful relationship that could lead to marriage.  
  3. Even though apps that cater to, say, a special group such as Ivy League grads, certainly do try to provide a bar to screen for quality of applicant, a candidate’s education is only one element of vetting.  Moreover, in a concentrated geographic area such as the San Francisco Bay Area, it is very easy for users of these apps to become overexposed to each other (given the limited number of them) and to create heavy reputational burn very quickly in a specific geographic area.