In fifteen years of working with the most eligible men and women of the San Francisco Bay Area, Amy Andersen has established herself as the premier matchmaker for selective eligible professionals in Silicon Valley, and beyond. 

Her thoroughly researched methods and well-honed personal intuition allow Amy to approach her work as both an art and a science, and she consistently helps even her most high-achieving clients find lasting and deeply intimate connections that bring a sense of peace, balance, and acceptance to their lives in a way that few have known before. 

Her insight, discretion, and sheer creativity in matchmaking are legendary; though not common knowledge, Amy Andersen is truly a household name for some of the most dynamic families in the San Francisco Bay Area, but those in the know simply refer to her as “Silicon Valley’s Cupid.” Despite choosing to not actively advertise her services, it is no surprise that single men and women across the world seek out Amy’s warmth and wisdom in ever increasing numbers. Her rare combination of high integrity, lively entrepreneurial spirit, and exceptional emotional intelligence allow close friends, clients, and strangers alike to connect with her in myriad ways. Many consider her to be one of the Valley’s most extraordinarily well-networked individuals and it is precisely this “Rolodex" that is so desirable for qualified clients to join. 

It is also not uncommon for someone to very quickly feel that Amy really “gets” them – sometimes even in the early stages of an initial consultation; that’s because she does. With close to fifteen years of experience focusing on the personality types, drive, and ambition that are common to Silicon Valley, she quickly recognizes the key underlying factors that can lead to an imbalance between personal and professional happiness. Amy is a gifted dating coach, an invested listener, and an experienced guide for those who do not know how to take on the early challenges of building a relationship. She works closely with her clients – always providing meaningful feedback, reinforcing the value of committing to the process, and stressing that communication is a two-way street – in order to help each and every Linx client feel like a true VIP. The client is always in the driver’s seat at Linx, but Amy Andersen is always at their side... helping them follow the roadmap that leads to romantic success. 

Happily married since 2008, true love is something that Amy knows quite well. She and her husband, Alex, became exclusive within days of meeting each other in 2006. A venture capitalist, entrepreneur, Stanford professor, and music DJ, Alex can often be found at Linx networking events and VIP functions. In December 2014, Amy and Alex welcomed their first child into the world - a beautiful baby boy who brings tremendous joy into their lives.

When not meeting with fantastic new men and women as potential match candidates and clients or traveling across the country to execute highly specialized VIP events, Amy enjoys international travel, creative entertaining, spending time with her family in Marin, stargazing when the night sky permits, and nurturing her close (and in some cases, lifelong) friendships. She and Alex reside on the Peninsula, where they enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, taking long walks that allow them to talk and reconnect, and sharing in a mutual love of health, fitness, and dogs (they have an adorable rescue German Shepherd mix, Marshall). Amy’s clients often remark that her playful and passionate relationship is an example of what is missing in their own lives. Amy and Alex celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary in 2018. 

Amy Andersen really does know true love. Are you ready to let her help you find it?