Our female VIP clients are often very private individuals who require the highest levels of our expert knowledge to create a completely customized search and source matches. These clients are typically in the public eye (CEOs, founders, celebrities, or from high profile domestic and international families). They demand the utmost discretion and confidentiality at all times and appreciate that Linx is the only firm globally to not advertise services. Of interest, Linx is also one of the only firms in the world that represents female clients, let alone female VIP clients. Our select female VIPs are intelligent, dynamic, physically fit, successful, and extraordinary individuals just like the men we chose to represent. 

Female VIPs understand that Linx only accepts a select number of these members annually and one of the appeals is that they work with the founder and CEO, Amy Andersen, directly throughout their entire search. VIPs allow us the flexibility to match them to our existing clients, but also empower our team to recruit for them outside of the Linx database.  This often means expanding the scope of a VIPs search beyond their home base and searching throughout the world.  The sky is truly the limit for our female VIP clients. In addition to Linx VIP matchmaking, we have partnerships with exclusive lifestyle and luxury international concierge agents, as well as, stylists, fitness trainers, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, domestic and estate help, and much more.