Retired 60-something corporate executive in San Francisco

"I am writing to tell you that (name omitted) and I are in a committed, exclusive relationship! She is the love of my life! I am as smitten today as I was on our first date in January. Only now I know that much more about her and have fallen in love with this spectacular woman! She is adding so much to my life!

I have met her children and am off to a good start with them. We just returned from a fabulous one-week vacation and enjoyed every minute of our time together! She has invited me to join her later this month, with her family and friends, at her treasured vacation home. And we have a long list of things to share into the future.

We have agreed that we are perfect for each other – always comfortable together, discussing everything openly (including the hard stuff) and supporting each other during these times of change. 

She is such a caring person, empathetic, listens so well, is flexible and accommodating. Yet she is also strong and voices her feelings and opinions to me. She is a hard worker devoted to her family, career development and charitable interests. So fun to be around such a motivated, interesting woman!

I want to thank you again for introducing me to her. You certainly saved your best client for me! Amy, thanks again for your very caring and professional support on this journey! I am very grateful to have her in my life! You’ve changed my life!” 



"I'm a former VIP client who had a very successful career in technology and now, with children out of the house and being retired, it became time to focus on finding the right life partner. I was introduced to Amy a year ago from a referral through a friend. The idea of online dating made me extremely hesitant - I was very worried about privacy. I was also looking for a solution to increase the odds of being matched to women who were more tailored to me than random online results. 

As a 50 something Silicon Valley guy who had never worked with a professional matchmaker, I'll admit to being skeptical at first about how a service like Linx might actually work out for me. Amy took the time to calm my concerns and explained that this is a thorough process not only to reflect on yourself but really to think about who you desire in a match. While unfamiliar with how the Linx Dating approach might work, I jumped in as a VIP because I wanted the maximum attention and additional support services associated with a Linx VIP. 

As a VIP, I wanted Amy to be looking out for me and potentially be recruiting candidates who were not current clients on my behalf. Amy orchestrated a sophisticated week-long series of interviews in the presidential suite at the Rosewood Sand Hill where her team interviewed qualified candidates. The stage was set, now it was a matter of placing my trust in Amy to figure out who I should meet based on those in-person meetings. 

I can definitely say, our paths wouldn't have crossed without the help of Amy considering that we were living some 50 miles apart, with different social networks, and two different lives doing our own things day-to-day. 

When I met her, our connection was almost instant, as if we'd been introduced by a good friend. Our relationship blossomed very quickly, getting engaged after 4 months, and our wedding shortly thereafter. We both feel that we're each other's soul mate and the connection is so pure, honest, and deep - I didn't know that was possible to experience. 

You really can't put a price on finding the love of your life where each day gets better and better. We like to call Amy our angel for bringing us together. If part of your journey in life includes trying to find someone who is your soul mate, place your trust in the accomplished hands of Amy to increase your chances of meeting your match."