Mid 30's successful entrepeneur, non-profit board member. Passionate about cooking, collecting art, and spending time in Italy

"At first I was pretty reluctant to start using a professional matchmaker service. While I heard good things, I thought that I would find my future partner amongst the multitude of women on online dating sites. What I realized from online dating, is that my dates were treating me as a checklist of features and hobbies and not as a human being with feelings. 

Being frustrated from online dating, I decided to give Linx a try. What I quickly discovered is that I was being introduced to women who actually wanted to have a conversation and get to know me for me (and not some arbitrary check-list of requirements). 

The very first person Amy introduced me to was such an amazing match- intellectually, physically, and personality wise. We dated many months and although did not end up as a long-term match, I learned a ton about myself and am still grateful for the experience. 

Amy is attentive, creative, and very easy to work with. Although I’m still single and searching, I have faith Linx can get me closer to my partner. "