38-year old male, Bay Area based, technology executive, loves yoga and golf

"When Amy first brought up the idea of a mock date to me, I honestly wasn’t sure what to think. I had some initial reservations about it. Will it actually be productive, did I really need it, would it be worth the investment, will I learn anything worth wild from it; to name some doubts that popped in my head at the time. After listening to Amy explain the experience to me in more detail, and answer all my concerns/questions, I decided to give it a shot. Figured I would only gain from the experience, and trusted Amy would not only make it a comfortable experience for me, but a positive, and fulfilling one.

After a date coaching session, and the mock date itself, I’m really glad I decided to go ahead with the experience after all. I not only learned a lot about my dating skills in general, and what I needed to work on, but learned a lot about myself, which really transformed how I approached future dates. The entire experience was well organized, and professional, from the initial date coaching sessions, to everything leading up the mock date itself. 

As the actual mock date night approached, it was a bit nerve racking at first. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but as always, Amy couldn’t have made me feel more relaxed, and at ease. She picked a perfect match for the mock date and nice setting for the evening. Once I got past the initial nerves, and focused on what I learned from my date coaching sessions, the mock date went well. Turned out to not only be a memorable learning dating experience, but an enjoyable evening. I left knowing that I would never approach dating the same again, and since then, my dating experiences have been nothing but positive ones."