For more than a decade, Linx Dating has been the matchmaking firm of choice for the well-educated elite and eligibles across the United States and in Silicon Valley. Our clients are pioneers in their fields, leaders in industry, and global citizens who are unwilling to let geography stand in the way of romance. 

We represent countless VIP clients who could be a great match for you! These clients are discerning, intelligent, selective, and hire Linx to find them the right match. Our VIP clients also recognize that the perfect woman might not be a client of Linx- in fact maybe she’s never heard of our network! As such, we strongly encourage you to submit your information to see if you have what it takes to potentially meet a VIP.

Meet our featured VIPs

VIP #1

Our handsome and passionate VIP is looking for a successful and spontaneous woman to live out their best days together.

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VIP #3

Our wanderlust client believes in developing and pursuing passions in life, and wants to spend his life traveling with the right partner.

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VIP #5

Our high-energy bachelor splits his time between California and New York, and is searching his intelligent and passionate match.

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VIP #2

Our successful, old-fashioned romantic client is looking for a smart, confident, and natural beauty.

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VIP #4

This lifelong athlete, avid sports fan, and father is looking for an energetic spirit.

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