Our handsome and Midwest bred Caucasian 53-year old bachelor stands 5’10”, with an easy smile, and friendly demeanor. A lifelong athlete, our bachelor enjoys the outdoors, including trail running, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and surfing to stay in shape. He started a successful advisory & investing firm over two decades ago which has afforded him tremendous flexibility to enjoy life, exemplified both by his choices to prioritize being a dad these days and by his ability to work remotely while taking ten-to-fifteen weeks of vacation each year, including full summers spent traveling!

He is the proud father to an eleven year old boy, with whom he plays a very active role - biking to & from school daily, coaching sports teams, and tackling both golf and Spanish lessons together. He has a huge friend network, and is genuinely curious about the world around him, embracing new cultures & cuisines, and having mastered the art of cooking & entertaining. He loves good food & wine, entertaining on a small & large scale, utilizing both long-held San Francisco Opera & San Francisco Ballet season tickets, and living life to the fullest. You will find him energetic, attentive, thoughtful, attractive, and placing high value on a woman who appreciates a family-centric man (with many surprises!).

The best-suited match for our client is in her 30s-40s. He is not strict on her age, although he responds well to women who are energetic spirits, likely women with little kids at home, athletic and toned, very feminine, and naturally beautiful.

He is most drawn to women who like him are based in the San Francisco Bay Area (or at least open to relocation there); he wants to live life daily, not start some commuter relationship. He is committed to seeing his adorable son through high school in the San Francisco Bay Area (so seven more years) and then is wide open to relocation worldwide, with a preference for big international cities and warm beaches.

He lived in New York, Paris, & Sydney before settling in San Francisco. Ideally his dream match would have child(ren) of her own and understand the tremendous joy that is derived from being a mom. Simply put, his ideal partner probably prioritizes being a loving, doting mom as her #1 mission in her active life, but still has an edge to enjoy being a woman.

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