36-year old female, san francisco, founder of a startup, loves exploring the city 

"I originally was introduced to Amy in Summer 2010 and heard about Linx from friends who had met and worked with Amy and were very impressed with her and the quality of Linx matches. Living in San Francisco I found it difficult to find the right match who was looking for the same long-term goals as myself. I had had long term relationships with great guys but ultimately the common theme was there were missing pieces for discussions of marriage or they simply where not in the right place to contemplate getting really serious. 

I met Amy in June 2010 and the experience was surprisingly great. Her approach is straight forward, honest and she seemed to really get me. I knew this was a leap of faith and I felt in trusted hands and that she could increase my odds and what could I lose in doing this? If anything meet some nice new guys and make a few new friends. Linx placed me across from a few great guys that I would not have met otherwise. Even in the brief amount of time Amy spent me with in her office, she really hit the nail on the head of identifying good guys for me who shared the same goals, background, etc and I would never have met these guys in my normal course of life. On match 7, I met my husband.

We shared our first date in San Francisco and I felt that he was interesting, cute and really easy to spend time with it just felt easy. We starting spending large amounts of time together very early on and it felt like things evolved very naturally without any stress or different goals he really seemed to understand me and loved me for me quirks and all. He proposed on a ski trip, the site of our third date on our one year anniversary. He feigned exhaustion one night to stay at the hotel, he had shipped the ring to Colorado (without insurance, thank you FEDEX!) and was in a panic trying to hide it and conceal the surprise.  I came back from the spa and the room was decorated with rose petals and my favorite food when I asked why I was such a lucky girl he said it was to mark our one year anniversary together and then he proposed and put the ring on the wrong hand. It was amazing!!!

We married in summer 2013, welcomed a beautiful baby girl in 2014, and lived happily ever after (just kidding this is a true story!) Linx is great as it opened up my horizons to meet people I would never normally have met, Amy is very professional, intuitive and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her service!" 

35-year old female, bay area based, software industry exec, loves adventure travel 

"I had never done online dating. I met Amy and was impressed with her professionalism and motivation to understand what was truly important to each person in a match. I joined Linx as a way to meet new people in the Bay Area ... I have been very impressed on every level, Amy has a network of high quality people, is diligent in taking feedback and asking hard questions to find the right match, is incredibly professional in follow up and tireless in her energy to find the right match for all her clients. Amy has exceeded every expectation and I would highly recommend Linx. I have since met a great guy who I would not have met otherwise. We are taking things slow and seeing what the future holds.” 


55-year old female, silicon valley based, phd educated, passionate about yoga, and animals 

"I've been divorced about 2 years and was sure I was a "dating klutz". It just wasn't working for me. After spending time with Amy, I noticed a real change. She saw the good parts of me, and helped bring them forward. She also filled in the missing gaps in my thinking about dating. The result was a big boost of confidence and lot less stress around dating. Amy knows her stuff and has a nice, direct and yet firm way of helping me. She's great!" 


41-year old female, bay area based, entrepreneur, passionate about animal rescue and fitness 

"As a busy, successful small business owner and entrepreneur, I was finding it difficult to meet the kind of man I could see myself with long term. I was first introduced to Amy through her newsletter, which highlighted some of her VIP clients. One client sparked my interest, so I wrote to Amy and asked how I could get involved. After meeting Amy and her husband in person, and going through their process, I felt like it was a candid, refreshing way to approach dating.

After having been through dating websites, social groups and set ups through friends, I was ready to try something new. I also found their process a good exercise in self exploration, and really nailing down what I was looking for in a potential mate. One thing that stood out for me – after having done online dating – was that the men who had taken the time to team up with Amy seemed serious, and also committed to meeting a great partner.

Amy introduced me to Mark, my wonderful fiancé.  He is everything I've been looking for in a partner, and I don't think I could have conjured him up myself if I had a magic wand. Working with Amy is a combination of kismet, intelligence, and just plain old good common sense.”


31-year old female, san francisco, nonprofit fundraiser and gemologist, passions are: great food & exotic travel 

"Let’s face it- dating in the Bay Area can be tough. We all lead such busy (and wonderful) lives… meeting someone (the right someone) who is also looking to settle down, can seem daunting. After being disheartened by my online dating experience, I submitted an application with Linx to potentially be matched with a VIP. Within a week I met Amy and was set up on my first match. The initial screening was a breeze. Amy makes you feel at home right away and in no time you feel like you’re chatting with a friend. Even though the interview was short, I left knowing that she had asked all the “right” questions and had a good idea of who I am, what I’m looking for, and what I bring to a relationship. I was absolutely confident that any match by Amy would have great potential. I received a phone call from Amy’s VIP a few days later and we had some wonderful dates. My favorite thing about Linx is Amy's fantastic advice. She provides great ideas on how to connect with your match and can offer honest, smart feedback. I recently reconnected with Amy and was set up with another VIP. Although we’re different in certain ways, we seem to complement one another other and we share similar values about marriage, kids, and family. Those are the important things that are difficult to uncover when you meet someone online or out a bar. If Amy sets you up, you know it is with good reason. We’re going on fun dates and really taking the time to get to know each other. It’s still new (so cross your fingers) but it’s all very exciting!" 


26-year old female, palo alto based, ivy league educated engineer, loves dancing

"I am so thankful to Linx for introducing me to my boyfriend. I was new to California and saw Linx as a great way to meet someone. I knew online dating wasn't for me. As much as it seemed to make logical sense, I just wasn't comfortable putting my information and interests out there for anyone to see. A personal, real-life matchmaker who keeps my information private is far more appealing. 

At first sight of my match, I was excited and maybe a bit surprised to see how handsome he was. I was even more thrilled to find out how amazing, sweet, smart and funny he is. We instantly clicked and became exclusive almost immediately. Every day with him makes my life that much happier. I've dated smart men and I've dated good-looking men but he has it all and is really a quality man with a good heart who I see in my future. I like to think we are meant for each other." 


33-year old female, san francisco BASED, management consultant, endurance athlete  

"I explored working with Amy at the start of the summer, after hearing about her from a family friend who had overheard someone discussing “the best person in California to help you find the right spouse.” I’d experienced loving relationships in my past but had not found “the one” yet and was turned off by the non-committal, often judgmental dating scene of the Bay Area.  I went into our initial meeting open-minded and cautiously optimistic. What type of men did she work with, what type of woman were they looking for, and was that me? Were they really looking for commitment and a family? Would the quality of potential matches justify the cost?

My initial meeting with Amy went better than I expected.  She carved out a large chunk of her morning to talk to me in detail about what I value, my history, my personal passions, and what I thought I was looking for in a future husband.  She also suggested particular qualities and areas to focus on that I had not previously prioritized, based on her years of working in the industry and seeing both successful and unsuccessful relationships.  This was particularly helpful, and where it is crucial to be open-minded – Amy has seen it all and can recognize needs or patterns instantly.  The moment I opened up to her (often small) ideas, I noticed a change in my mind-set and happiness in the dating land.  

The process of working with Amy is a dream.  You get out of Linx what you put in.  Amy is available to email or message literally every day – if you have your important first date on a Saturday, she makes herself available that evening to see pictures of what you are wearing and help you make decisions if you’d like it.  She is your best cheerleader and coach, providing encouragement and tips as you navigate the early stages.  Amy will provide honest and insightful style tips; she helped me tweak my look in a way that I had never imagined and makes me feel beautiful every day.  Matches will come at the cadence you’d like them – whether that be immediately upon becoming her client or more gradually.  Amy is very thoughtful about who she matches you with, thinking about both of your needs and desires.  She talks you through the initial matching phase, answering questions you may have about the other person and providing insight into why she thinks this particular person is so well suited for you.  

My personal Linx experience has been fulfilling, enjoyable, and unbelievably rewarding.  Within one week of becoming Amy’s client, I had my first official match with a man who was basically my “dream guy.”  We became exclusive almost immediately, and things continue to progress very well.  It’s still relatively early, but I couldn’t be happier.  I’m so grateful to Amy for her continual guidance and encouragement along the way. " 



“The first time I heard about Amy was back in 2011 when a friend and Stanford classmate of mine asked me to attend a holiday Link and Drink event with her in the city. I decided to attend the event with a few female friends. I had previously never been to a matchmaking casual event and did not know what to expect, but left the night having met a few interesting friends.

A year or so had passed, and I was still in the midst of founding my startup from Stanford, so I was quite busy with fundraising and entrepreneurship. Since I did not have much time to go out to many events, and more importantly, since I believed in Amy and in her well-regarded reputation in the Valley, I decided I would sign up to be an official client in the beginning of 2013. Shortly after joining, I met with Amy and her colleague and they went through a detailed questionnaire and interview process with me. Amy then set me up on one date- a good guy but ultimately not my soul mate. Afterwards, and mostly since at that time I was too focused with my company, I decided to put her services on a pause until my work schedule cleared up a bit.

In 2016, she reached out to me to meet a potential VIP client. By then, I was very much ready to be in a happy long-term relationship and build a family as my startups had matured and I felt it was the right time in my life. I decided to give her match a chance as he sounded like a great potential fit in the description.

And I’m sure glad I gave him a chance, and listened to Amy. As the match and I got to know each other, we realized we were soulmates searching for each other this whole time. It may sound cliché, and I did not know that these phenomena can occur outside of movies, but it was truly love at first sight. The more time we spent together, the deeper became our love and adoration for each other. We were compatible from all aspects of life, including our similar cultures, our dreams and goals in tech, our visions in how we would raise a family, and more importantly, our outlook on the everlasting power of true love. I am happy to say that it is through Amy that I found the love of my life, and I cannot thank her enough for bringing my soulmate and I together. Since him and I lived in different geographical locations, we would have never been able to meet without Amy connecting us.

My soulmate and I are now happily married, and expecting our first child in the coming months. Amy is an angel for bringing us together. I highly recommend placing your trust, time, and patience with Amy, as she is highly capable of finding the perfect match. She is the reason my husband and I met each other, and I cannot wait for her to meet our little one soon. My husband and I cannot thank Amy enough for bringing us together and helping form our growing family. She really does make magical dreams come true.”



“Dating isn't easy... no matter how good you think you are it!  Amy works hard to make sure her clients (men and women) are connected with the right people. She saved me so much time, hassle and heartache. I contacted her to meet a VIP I had read about on the Linx website and I am in a happy loving relationship with him because of Linx.”