All Linx memberships are completely customized to fit the needs of our clients, and all Linx contracts are two years (24 months) in duration.  Contracts can be frozen as many times as the client would like, for up to a total of four (4) months, making each contract a potential 28-month relationship with Linx.  Though it is very common that we rescale down a membership (in both size and price) we do have a few standard packages, as well as one age-specific option.  These standard memberships only apply to matches made to other clients already in the Linx database.  Recruiting matches or searching outside of the local geographic area would require engaging Linx at the VIP level of membership.

Our time, energy, and focus is always directed toward the premium client of Linx. Those individuals who become premium clients of Linx go through an extensive screening (typically an in-person meet & greet followed by another in-person interview) and complete homework involved to ensure that we have the exact metrics to best match her. Our premium clients seek to have the exact same success in their personal lives that they have had in their professional lives. If you are not in a position to be able to afford to become a premium client, we also offer a program for those who are either under 30 years old, or who qualify to meet an already existing Linx VIP client. 


Referral Client Membership

This membership option is only available to women age 30 and under. A referral client is in the network for 24 months with the possibility of being matched when appropriate, is invited to our Linx events, has the option of purchasing our concierge services a la carte, and will benefit from light on-going date advice from staff. Although this type of client will not complete the lengthier application for membership, we would still require an in-person interview and some homework ahead of our meeting. There are no guaranteed introductions with this level of membership, but we only offer it to people we consider highly matchable.  


A Match Applicant is in the network for 24 months with the possibility of being matched, when appropriate, to a VIP client for whom we are soliciting matches. Although you would be submitting your information, you would not be a member of Linx and we might not even contact you unless there is a fit.  To clarify, this is an extremely passive affiliation and this level does not mean you are a client of Linx with member privileges. With this opportunity, you would still come in for an in-person screening or, if you are out of the area, we will arrange for a Skype session.

There are no upfront fees for Match Applicants. Instead, Match Applicants agree to pay based on benchmarks of success such as if/when they become exclusive with a Linx match, if/when they get become engaged to their Linx match, and finally if/when they get married to their Linx match. This bonus system allows us to waive all up front fees for qualifying Match Applicants. In order to increase the odds of being matched, it’s critical to cast a wide net pertaining to the ‘ideal match’ and not be restrictive with criteria. The more open-minded a Match Applicant is, the greater chances of being considered for an introduction. 

Premium Silver Membership

This package includes a guaranteed eight (8) introductions over two years.  After the guaranteed introductions have been made, introductions occur on a more opportunistic basis, but may continue for the duration of the contract if the client so wishes.

Premium Relocation Membership 

For those new to the Bay area, this is an excellent opportunity to meet up to six (6) current and former Linx clients in industries or positions of interest in order to quickly expand your social and professional network.  As their host, you could opt to hold a cocktail party, throw a BBQ, or even host a cooking class.  It’s up to you!  Use it as a dating opportunity or keep it strictly professional, and then be opportunistically matched to other current Linx members for the duration of your contract.  

Premium Platinum Membership

This package includes a guaranteed ten (10) introductions over two years as well as concierge services.  After the guaranteed introductions have been made, introductions occur on a more opportunistic basis, but may continue for the duration for the contract if the client so wishes.

Concierge Services

Our concierge services include a wide variety of services based on the individual needs of our clients.  They include:

  • Wardrobe Styling/Makeovers
  • Customized Date Coaching
  • Home Closet Consultations
  • Restaurant/Travel Arrangements
  • and more…