Dating Confidential   

MAY 2015

It Hasn’t Really Been That Long ... Has It?

It’s hard to believe that it's been nearly two and a half years since the last issue of Linx Dating Confidential; so much has happened for Linx, including moving into our current offices on a historic property in Menlo Park, being interviewed for books, articles, and TV shows, expanding our staff, and, of course, making countless love connections in the Bay Area and beyond. In the past two years, Linx received a ton of press coverage in the U.S, as well as plenty of attention abroad! (Apparently Germany really loves us.) Domestically, a feature on Linx in Vanity Fair magazine exploded in popularity, and to name just a few others, we’ve also been covered by Fortune, Newsweek, CNN, BBC World News, The New York Times, and ABC News Nightline. 

Speaking of incredible press coverage, Linx has been approached about being the centerpiece of a feature story in one of the most prestigious print publications in the United States (and around the world). Designed to be an open and honest sociological snapshot of life and love in the Bay Area, the piece will follow the journey of two or three Linx clients as they navigate the often-challenging waters of the local dating scene. For Linx – and for the lucky participants – the scope and potential of this proposed project is unbelievably exciting. 

Given the very high profile and impeccable journalistic standards of the publication involved, we are seeking current (or new) clients who are willing to open their lives to our journalist, and who are comfortable being fully identified and photographed for the article. For any existing non-VIP client, this is an incredible invitation to market yourself to the entire nation in one fell swoop. For anyone who has been considering Linx but hasn’t fully committed to being a client, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change the course of your journey. Men and women alike will be considered as subjects for this piece, but timing is critical; if you or someone you know might be interested in exploring this possibility, please contact me immediately for more information and next step details. Do not let this exceptional opportunity slip away! 

It’s both humbling and exciting to receive this sort of recognition as a company that doesn’t advertise or have a PR firm; our reputation and your good word-of-mouth are everything in this business, and it is heartening to continue getting such strong and positive feedback from our clients.We love working with all of you, and feel privileged to be able to help facilitate some of the most lasting and meaningful relationships in your lives. The number of recent exclusive couples, proposals, weddings, and Linx babies has been absolutely overwhelming, so we must be doing something right. ;-) 

To that end, it feels like we have more VIP clients than ever before. (A Linx VIP client is someone for whom we often source matches within our extensive member database, but who also allows us the flexibility and autonomy to seek and recruit matches outside of our existing network.) We are currently working with men and women ranging from recent 20-something Stanford grads to dynamic 70-plus widows and widowers who bring to Linx a warmth and wisdom that reflects the breadth and depth of their incredible life experience. 

At Linx, we are constantly reminded that love is always possible for those who are ready for the challenge of a relationship and open to the massive life change that true love inevitably brings. 

This summer, we will be conducting extensive nationwide searches on behalf of two very different VIP bachelors. One of these men is based in Silicon Valley, while the other is an international man of mystery who currently spends quite a bit of time in Los Angeles, but has the flexibility and commitment to follow love down whatever path it may take. More details about these men follow later in this issue, but we are very excited to represent both of these bachelors, and look forward to helping them find the women of their dreams! 

We are also actively recruiting local matches and introductions for a wide variety of VIP men and women whose lives and interests tend to have a San Francisco Bay Area focus, so please take the time to see if you’re a fit for one of these ladies or gentlemen, and let us know if you think there could be a match! At Linx, we think that every summer should be the Summer or Love, so do your part to help make this one particularly magical! 

Speaking of magic… July 17th marks the return of our ever-popular Link & Drink networking mixers when we take over the historic clubhouse at the Stanford Golf Course for our second edition of Drinks on the Linx! 

Tickets include an open bar and from 6:00pm to 9:30pm, we will be taking over the clubhouse as well as the outdoor patio, where our friendly hosts from Coupa Café will fire up the grill and make sliders, quesadillas, and other casual fare available for purchase. 

As is always the case, we love hearing about your success stories, and learning about well-educated professional men and women who might be the right fit for Linx. So if you’re in a committed relationship (or would like to be) feel free to drop us a line and let us know your current status. As always, please let us know if you have any close friends or colleagues who might enjoy working with Linx; our very best clients are often referrals from those who already understand and appreciate the Linx experience. As we well know, there is no better advertising that your continued support and great word-of-mouth! Here’s to a summer you won’t want to forget!