I worked with Amy for over a year, and I'm extremely impressed -- her screening process is thorough and her network is extensive.  She's very responsive and professional, always checking in to get your feedback about dates.  She is genuinely caring and committed.  I enjoyed her events, and was introduced to a number of intelligent, attractive women through her service.  Thanks to Amy, I am now in a long term, committed relationship with an amazing woman.  Priceless.


"Amy has considerably exceeded my expectations – and that is rare.

Contacting Amy, I was interested in meeting someone special to have a family with. Until then, my dating life was active and enjoyable, yet seldom in a relationship likely to lead to marriage and children.

Before becoming a client, I recall discussing the "leap of faith" new clients make - having never worked with a matchmaker before. I vividly recall all concerns about becoming a client evaporating as soon as I met the first match

Through Amy, I met accomplished, attractive, vivacious women I would not have met on my own.

Matchmaking is an art, not a science. If it was science, combining 50 handsome men and 50 beautiful women would create 50 adorable couples. As a matchmaker, Amy is a very talented artist.

Amy is conscientious. She personally knows me as well as the woman she is introducing me to – so it’s more like meeting someone through a mutual friend. We both know each other’s backgrounds, interests and aspirations. So the first date doesn’t seem like a first date. Our first conversation is much more interesting about what matters to both of us, on a deeper more intellectual level.

Amy is encouraging and insightful. Encouraging when there is future potential in a match and insightful when there isn’t, allowing me to better understand what I’m looking for in a person.

If you are accomplished, selective and interested in meeting someone special, I suggest meeting with Amy. Expect to be surprised by her capabilities and quality of match she may have for you.

Amy greatly exceeded my expectations. She might exceed yours, too…"


"I've been a Linx client for the past year and a half -- and I have nothing but positive things to say about Amy and the team.  This review is based on my actual experience as a (paying) client.

BOTH men and women pay to be a part of the Amy's network, so there's a level of commitment on both sides that just doesn't exist with other services.  When Amy connects you with someone, you take them seriously.   

Amy's screening process is extremely thorough.  She really dives into what you're looking for, really gets to know you, and really puts thought into the folks she connects you with.  She asks questions that cover both the superficial and deeper down (say what you will, but both matter in dating!).  For example - one of the getting-to-know-you tasks is to assemble both a scrapbook of photos of people (anyone) you find attractive AS WELL AS photos of people you've dated.  Amy wants to see the spread between what you imagine you want and what you've actually shown attraction to -- that's key and clever.

Everyone uses her!  Critical mass / network effect is so important with a matchmaker -- you can be confident that you really are getting into a pool of like-minded people.  I signed up after independently asking 3 different friends (guys and girls) how they met their significant others, and all said "Oh, this awesome matchmaker named Amy Andersen."  So the network is great.

The Linx process saves a ton of time.  The social proof begins right at the start -- Amy tells you that you're going to like this person.  Amy tells the other person that they're going to like you.  Neither of you are going to flake (or face the wrath of Amy).  You know the other person is vetted.  They know you're vetted.  This literally saves weeks in the traditional dating process of un-returned texts/calls, cancellations, changed-minds, etc.  You can be assured that at least the first date is going to be a good one.  And if there's no chemistry, well, so be it, but that's up to you :)

Anyway - that's it.  It's worth the $$, it's worth the time.  

(PS - I ended up dating the FIRST person Amy set me up with for a year.  So there ya go.)"

38-year old male, Bay Area based, technology executive, loves yoga and golf

"When Amy first brought up the idea of a mock date to me, I honestly wasn’t sure what to think. I had some initial reservations about it. Will it actually be productive, did I really need it, would it be worth the investment, will I learn anything worth wild from it; to name some doubts that popped in my head at the time. After listening to Amy explain the experience to me in more detail, and answer all my concerns/questions, I decided to give it a shot. Figured I would only gain from the experience, and trusted Amy would not only make it a comfortable experience for me, but a positive, and fulfilling one.

After a date coaching session, and the mock date itself, I’m really glad I decided to go ahead with the experience after all. I not only learned a lot about my dating skills in general, and what I needed to work on, but learned a lot about myself, which really transformed how I approached future dates. The entire experience was well organized, and professional, from the initial date coaching sessions, to everything leading up the mock date itself. 

As the actual mock date night approached, it was a bit nerve racking at first. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but as always, Amy couldn’t have made me feel more relaxed, and at ease. She picked a perfect match for the mock date and nice setting for the evening. Once I got past the initial nerves, and focused on what I learned from my date coaching sessions, the mock date went well. Turned out to not only be a memorable learning dating experience, but an enjoyable evening. I left knowing that I would never approach dating the same again, and since then, my dating experiences have been nothing but positive ones."


Mid 30's successful entrepeneur, non-profit board member. Passionate about cooking, collecting art, and spending time in Italy

"At first I was pretty reluctant to start using a professional matchmaker service. While I heard good things, I thought that I would find my future partner amongst the multitude of women on online dating sites. What I realized from online dating, is that my dates were treating me as a checklist of features and hobbies and not as a human being with feelings. 

Being frustrated from online dating, I decided to give Linx a try. What I quickly discovered is that I was being introduced to women who actually wanted to have a conversation and get to know me for me (and not some arbitrary check-list of requirements). 

The very first person Amy introduced me to was such an amazing match- intellectually, physically, and personality wise. We dated many months and although did not end up as a long-term match, I learned a ton about myself and am still grateful for the experience. 

Amy is attentive, creative, and very easy to work with. Although I’m still single and searching, I have faith Linx can get me closer to my partner. "


25-year old male, Palo Alto based, software professional, loves hiking, and BBQs with family 

"I'm a young professional working at a big data software company in the Silicon Valley and was introduced to Linx through a friend. Meeting with Amy was a breeze - she made me feel instantly comfortable, and in asking some of the "big questions" she really helped me to reflect and narrow down on exactly what I was seeking in a long-term partner. I was also happy to know that my information and dating life were being handled securely and by a real person, instead of out there on the interwebs for the general public to see. 

The idea of being set up for a date with a woman that I already knew checked my make-or-break boxes was exciting. Within a week I had my first match. Amy sent me a small bio which provided the perfect spark for initial conversation and also clued me in to the fact that my match's favorite type of food was sushi. I picked her up and we went to dinner at Fuki Sushi in Palo Alto. She was beautiful, smart, unique, motivated, sweet and down-to-earth. 

We became exclusive fast and life couldn't be better. I told Amy that I wanted to find a sustainable, balanced relationship that grew stronger every day, and that is exactly what I have now. Looking back on the process I'm so glad that I took a chance on Linx and on trying something new. My girlfriend is the perfect mix of the brains and beauty I was desiring, but having such trouble finding. I'd like to think she is the one, time will tell..."