Daring, ambitious, and highly inquisitive, this 25-year old African-American woman of Caribbean descent stands at 5’4”, has smooth caramel skin, round brown eyes, and an athletic body that she strengthens with diligence in the gym. Her body isn’t the only thing that’s strong. A graduate of an Ivy League university and a current PhD student at Stanford University, she is a scientist with a sharp intellect and an insatiable desire for new and exciting concepts. To feed her mind she reads avidly on a broad array of subjects, and she is admittedly a bit of a dilettante. 

She loves to travel and has lived abroad in Spain. Although she has been to upwards of 15 countries, there are still a number of destinations she has yet to check off of her list. A highly creative person, she enjoys drawing, painting, dancing, and writing. On the weekends she might venture to an art museum, attend the opera or ballet, or sing along at her favorite artist’s concert. She loves the outdoors and their requisite activities. 

At her core she is a kind, generous, family-oriented person who believes in living life as widely and genuinely as possible. She views the world as a beautifully varied place that should be deeply explored. Life is a mystery and she wants to learn as much as she can about it. To give back to her community, she volunteers at her local church and occasionally participates in STEM outreach programs targeting minority youth. To keep herself grounded and connected spiritually, she engages in meditation and prayer daily. 

She is best suited for a man of African American, Caucasian, or Asian heritages and between the ages of 25-40. She leans toward people who are genuine, unapologetically themselves, warm-hearted, and enthusiastic about their life’s pursuit.  He is adventurous, fun, reserved when first meeting people, and not obsessed with the material world. 


Our 30-year-old Bay Area native is an athletic brunette (and a very pretty pediatrician) who is family-centric, loves the outdoors, and looks forward to having children of her own with the right man. Attending med school in Texas has given her an appreciation for beer, boots, and barbeque, but she remains a California girl at heart, and has just settled permanently in the Bay Area after completing medical training at UCLA. Her match is successful, chivalrous, family-focused but goal-oriented, 5’10” or taller, of Latin or Caucasian heritage, and shares her “work hard, play fair” values. 


Our client is an elegant and bright 25-year old who was born and raised in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area.  At first glance, her long caramel-brown curly hair complemented by her glimmering emerald green eyes on her petite yet curvy 5’4” frame will take you away. 

Professionally, this candidate is a gifted mathematician and scientist. She studied her BSc in mathematics from Stanford University and is mid-way through her PhD in the medical sciences from an Ivy League.  Our bachelorette speaks 4 languages (English, French, Farsi, Spanish) and has a love for traveling to culturally rich countries such as to Argentina, Germany, and Dubai, and also loves photography and fashion. She is family-oriented and is looking for her soul mate to embrace with him all the joys of life. Although she’s pursuing a PhD on the East Coast, she is very dedicated to pursuing a serious relationship as a top priority regardless of where her match is geographically. 

Her best-suited match is an ambitious and successful guy of Middle Eastern or Caucasian heritage. He is between the ages of 26 and 40 and has a vision to lead and is family-focused. He is kind and romantic, and has a love for traveling. He is ready for commitment and building a family together. 


Caucasian, Mixed Latin, or European, 5’7” and up, fit and clean cut. Our svelte and stylish single lady is 30, 5’6”, of mixed Taiwanese/Caucasian heritage, and embraces fusions and diversity in all aspects of her life. She has a high-profile and hard-charging career in tech, and would love to find balance with a man who works in a different field entirely. She is open to a wide array of body types, but would like a man who is 5’11” or taller, and who is Caucasian, or whose heritage resembles her own. She considers herself culturally Jewish and is drawn to men with sharp wit, strong intellect, sterling educations, and deeply held family values. Being a great communicator is essential. 


Our 5’2”, 30-year-old bachelorette is compact and curvy, with long black hair and a very feminine frame. She is Asian-American with Midwestern roots, and balances her high-stress tech job with a healthy amount of travel, reading, Pilates, and spinning. Family is very important to this single lady, and her parents now live nearby. When it comes to romance she responds well to Asian and Caucasian men with open ears and big hearts, and she would love to meet a man who works outside of tech. She sees marriage, children, dogs, and college football in her future; hopefully you see it in yours, too. 


Our 34-year old Caucasian bachelorette is a warm, outgoing, athletic and animal loving female.  She exudes feminine energy and joie de vivre!  She is 5’7” with long, tousled dark-blonde locks, beautiful eyes and a beaming white smile.  Although, she lives in Incline Village on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe she loves the Bay Area, spends a good bit of time here, and would relocate for love in a heartbeat! 

She is from a small town in Georgia, but has traveled extensively.  Although she is worldly, she is also very down-to-earth, laid back and friendly.  She is very adventurous and is always up to try new things!  She has sailed around the Caribbean, completed multiple equestrian safaris around the world and has heli-boarded in Alaska. She is an intellectual idealist who loves to engage in discussions and healthy debates ranging from current events to literature.

Her best suited match is an adventurous, successful, and athletic guy who is 5’7” + and of any ethnic heritage. He works hard, fears boredom, owns a well loved passport, and has been waiting to find a partner to traverse through the jungles of life together. He lives for the great outdoors, sports of all kinds (winter and summer athletics), and can also appreciate what it means to chill out at home cooking, drinking wine, and laughing with his match. 


Caucasian, 5'10" and up, All-American, and fit. You have a quiet confidence about you and were raised with manners and take pride in being chivalrous. You are successful, well traveled, love dining, and fitness. Ideally you have post graduate work behind you. We have a handful of female clients who desire a man like these. These women are anything but average. Sexy, incredibly smart, ambitious, and balanced come to mind when describing them. 


Our client is a half Swedish, half American woman who is intellectual and attractive. At 33-years old, she has a willowy 5’9” frame and long golden red hair that has never been touched by artificial dyes. She is beautiful, bright, friendly and very athletic.  She grew up in Woodside back in the day when it was just a redwood forest, pre-Silicon Valley boom.  Athleticism has always been a huge part of her life and in high school and college she was an Academic All-American volleyball player. She headed East for undergrad, studying molecular biology and French literature at Harvard University. 

Our bachelorette then moved to NYC at age 21 where she worked as a model and personal trainer before deciding to go to medical school at Columbia University. In medical school she became fascinated by neuroscience and decided to become a psychiatrist.  She also found meaning and inspiration in working with people who struggle with mental health.

After graduating, she moved back to the Bay Area to complete her residency training at UCSF where she could be near her family.   She is delighted to finally be done with all her training and beginning her dream job as a psychiatrist in a group private practice. In her free time, she likes outdoor yoga classes, hiking the hills of the Bay Area, running marathons and traveling to visit her family in Sweden and France.  Most importantly, she loves spending as much time as possible with her family and friends.  

Our bachelorette is best suited for men between the ages of 28 and 44, Caucasian or mixed race, and she is most attracted to men who are tall.  She would like to find someone who lives primarily in San Francisco or the Bay Area. Her ideal partner is bright, authentic, and full of curiosity.  He has high aspirations in his career as well as hopes of having a family. 


Asian American, 5'9" and up, fit, and caring about health. You are a founder, entrepreneur, doctor, or attorney who works insanely long hours but also loves to play hard and unwind. Your relationship with your parents is excellent and friends consider you ambitious, loyal, smart, and little geeky to round everything out. This is for a female client who is Chinese-American, early 30's, very well educated, strong values, and cute! A marriage with her will be all about family, building a very strong foundation together as equals and allies, and romance. 


Caucasian, Mixed Latin, or European, 5’7” and up, fit and clean cut. Your hobbies include reading, philanthropy, film, travel and fitness. Your profession can vary - entrepreneur, doctor, academia, you name it - but whatever it is, you are driven with passion for what you do and are always wanting to grow and learn. You are an open book and value communication. You are strong, like to take charge and appreciate being someone’s rock. This is for a female client who has been previously married in her early 30’s - a petite, Indian-American woman raised in a European family. She has beautiful feminine and sexy features with a wonderful character to match- independent, well educated and very interesting. A marriage with her will be all about leading a healthy lifestyle, building a meaningful connection, continuous learning and family. 


This striking and slim 5’7”, 38-year-old single lady is a smart and sophisticated blend of Midwestern roots and Manhattan culture. She has an affinity for well-educated, athletic men over 5’9” who share her Indian heritage and Muslim faith, but is also open to Caucasian men, as well as those with more agnostic, Christian, and spiritual leanings. Her current professional interests lie at the intersection of fashion and tech, but her long term personal goals include having children with a respectful, ambitious, and open-minded partner who is family-focused and looks forward to fatherhood. 


Caucasian, Asian-American. You are above 5'9", athletic, and good looking. You are very kind hearted, family centric, serious but can let loose and have fun, sophisticated. Think James Bond meets Bill Gates! This is a search for a VIP female who is early 30's, a gorgeous Asian American, Ivy League educated, poised, and polished. She is very family centric and has a great group of friends. A marriage with her would be a lasting bond filled with seeing the world through a global lens, philanthropy, and simple pleasures like staying in all weekend and experimenting in the kitchen together. 


Our 5’4”, 40-year-old bachelorette is a petite brunette powerhouse who is voluptuous. She has already made an impressive mark in the entertainment industry, and would now like to focus on building a lifelong relationship with an accomplished, masculine man. She is an avid sports fan, an animal lover, a vegetarian, an enthusiastic baker, and a lover of good high heels. Her ideal match is athletic, 5’9” or taller, is traditionally or ruggedly handsome, and full of confidence. She has no children of her own, but has a weakness for men who are devoted fathers. Salt-and-pepper hair is a huge plus. 


Our 38-year-old bachelorette is dark-haired and green-eyed, curvy and creative, successful and self-made. She would like a man 5’9” or taller who shares her Caucasian heritage, appreciates her entrepreneurial spirit, and would support her lifelong love of learning. Our lady has been a success at following her passion for taking care of people, and would appreciate a man who also possesses a generous spirit and non-materialistic approach to measuring happiness. The right man for her is kind and affectionate, down to earth, and is pursuing his own ideas about making the world a better place.


Our client is a feminine 40-year old Asian American woman who has a petite 5'1'' frame and is young at heart.  Her style is classic, and she can be comfortable in both heels and sneakers.  She enjoys indoor spinning, running and yoga.  She has a graduate degree and currently works for a technology company in Silicon Valley.  She is very passionate about her job, but is also able to enjoy life outside of work. She is looking for a person who is intelligent and ambitious but with a strong ethical core, a flexible nature and a fun-loving side.  Outside of career, this candidate loves fitness, flexing her artistic muscle through painting, hunting for the best cheeseburger in the Bay Area, and taking early am spin classes. Her best suited match keeps healthy and fit, with kind eyes and an empathetic heart. He could be any ethnicity with a slight preference for Asian American men. He is passionate about his career, sincere, secure, funny, and possesses strong family values. As our client’s Christian faith has increased in importance over the years, she would love to find someone who would be willing to participate in church together as a couple and with a family one day. 


Our soulful and intelligent Caucasian client is in her early 40’s, has dark-hair, with a thin but athletic physique, and feminine sensibility. If we had to pick a doppelgänger, it would be the actress Courtney Cox. Growing up, her down-to-earth parents taught her great values, the importance of a strong work ethic, and to reach for the stars. Professionally, she moved to the Bay Area to complete her Post-Doc at Stanford and currently balances her professional life with to raising her two adorable children.

Our bachelorette has a joie de vivre for life and approaches most activities with passion and energy.  She loves to travel and has ridden a camel in Morocco, scuba dived in Belize and enjoyed incredible food and wine in Tuscany. She is centered and loving but has a fiery and adventurous side to her. Her best suited match is not only handsome but keeping healthy and fit. He’s social, vibrant, likes to have fun, and has a well-developed emotional intelligence. He’s not afraid of romance, affection, and loyalty to his partner. Someone who is a strong communicator and active father in his child(ren's) life is a huge plus, as is, living in the Bay Area. 


Our sophisticated and feminine early 60-something Caucasian client stands 5’4”, with short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her physique is petite and lean from regular yoga, Pilates, walking and bike riding. Our bachelorette takes pride in looking polished, elegant, and put together.  She spent the early part of her career as a teacher, where she taught grades second, fourth and fifth.  After the birth of her first child,  became a stay-at-home mom, a role she relished. She is adventurous and loves to try new things – whether it is doubles-tennis, bicycle races and tours, home decorating, volunteer activities, or the theatre and arts She is an avid fan (really a big sports fan in general) and attends probably 20 Giants games each year!  She has been a widow for over a decade and always makes time for the important people and things in her life. Our client can be shy upon first meeting someone, and is more comfortable in smaller, one-on-one settings than larger groups.  However she is very comfortable in her own skin and is quite independent. 

Our client is drawn to men of any ethnic background who would be described as masculine, fun, and possessing traditional family values. While he’s had a successful career, he might be a comfortable stage in his life where he can devote his attention to a monogamous relationship filled with laughter, adventuress, and romance! Our client has an affinity for men who love the San Francisco Giants and place priority on being a grandparent as well.