former vip - 43-year old female, Stanford educated, President of a tech company

Engaged Summer 2011, Married November 2011, Baby 2012

"As a female in my late 30's, I met Amy on advice of a dear friend who kindly put it in my mind that I really did not have any time to waste. Up until this point, I had been singularly focused on founding and operating successful companies. The next thing I knew, I looked over my shoulder and realized that I was approaching 40. Time has always been such a precious commodity for me. I have been incredibly blessed with so much happiness in my life - family, friends, health, career and so much more. The one thing I don't have in excess is time. 

Amy has saved me a significant amount of time by screening out all potential suitors who did not possess the qualities I was looking for in a life partner. I'm the only one of my friends who has never used match, eHarmony or any online dating sites. I don't have the time (nor the desire) to schlep through online dating sites – also, I don't photograph well. Like everyone else in the Bay Area, I am incredibly ambitious both in my professional and personal goals. For two decades, my time has been over-allocated toward my professional endeavors. While I don't regret this decision, I became a Linx client to make up for this lost time. 

I've always been a big believer in outsourcing and allowing the experts to do what they do best. It is a strategy that has served me well. Utilizing Amy's team of "head to toe" stylists, I tossed out my khakis, loafers and polo shirts and was shocked when I looked in the mirror. Sure, it was significantly more high maintenance than what I am used to but this clearly was an area where I needed a little "nudge". Was I going to change my personality and who I truly am as a person? Absolutely not - that certainly wasn't going to happen. And Amy got that about me. 

Working with Amy has truly been life-changing. Amy's commitment to her clients and her company mirrors my own relentless dedication to my clients and my companies. Whether it is the 2:00 am emails or the weekend phone calls, her professionalism and total discretion is unparalleled. She is insightfully honest and has even had me take a step back to re-think certain issues which I thought were non-negotiable … and I'm a tenaciously stubborn person. Amy introduced me to a wonderful gentleman who is kind, open-minded, respectful, and honorable. Given my overly-scheduled professional life, I highly doubt I would have met him on my own because we are so different and yet at the same time, we share the same family values, embrace the multiculturalism of the Bay Area, enjoy spending time with each other, and make each other laugh... 

When I was in my 20's up to my mid-30's, I had drastically different goals - I had never even considered myself the marrying type. In fact, neither did my friends or family. In this current chapter of my life, finding my special person with whom to build a life together is all I want. As a client of Linx, I have personally benefited from the endless dedication, time, and professionalism Amy has invested in myself and all of her clients."