Former vip - 36, international entrepreneur with residences in US, India, Vancouver, and London

Our bachelor is an immensely successful serial tech entrepreneur, and was already starting business ventures long before most Americans even graduate from college. He is an intensely curious and deeply intellectual man for whom the purpose of life is to utilize one’s maximum potential to positively change the world around us. He is extremely passionate, driven, motivated, and focused on challenges and businesses that have a global impact. 

At 36, this man already has homes across multiple locations, including the US, India, Vancouver, and London. He is 5’10” with dark hair and eyes, maintains a vegetarian diet, and makes exercise (including adventure sports) an important part of his outwardly casual lifestyle. His family is an integral part of his personal and professional lives, and he values hard work, humility, intellectual vitality, and kindness. 

There is no denying that our bachelor is quite busy; he has more than 1000 employees and spends countless hours each week handling his responsibilities as the Founder and CEO of multiple fast-growing tech companies. But the current demands on his time do not prevent him from thinking about and planning for the future; he is truly looking for his ideal mate, and is fully committed to finding the love of his life. 

Our bachelor knows himself well, and is looking for a playful, kind-hearted, highly intelligent woman with whom he can develop a real and lasting relationship. Because his work requires a high degree of international travel, it is important to him in the near term to find an understanding companion with an accommodating spirit whose career would not be compromised by meeting him halfway geographically as frequently as schedules allow. 

Are You a Match for our Bachelor? 

Our bachelor is particularly drawn to Caucasian and Indian women between the ages of 23 and 34 with athletic and feminine physiques. He has a preference for women whose heights range from 5’4” to 5’11” (with 5’7” being ideal) and has no real preference when it comes to hair length, hair texture, or eye color. In fact, our bachelor would prefer his mate to be as natural as possible in appearance, and actively dislikes artifice like heavy makeup and garish nail polish. In his eyes, a woman is never more beautiful than when she first wakes up in the morning; this man wants to see the real you. 

Smart IS sexy, however, and he values driven women with great educations and professional ambition. Our bachelor find women with medical, biotech, molecular biology, science backgrounds to be extremely intriguing. His match is likely a woman who sees “the big picture” in all aspects of life, and communicates well in every way. She is passionate and driven and seeks perfection in all endeavors, whether personal or professional. She is someone who is aggressively working to be the change she wants to see in the world. Ideally, she would also share his love for technology and solving puzzles, and perhaps harbors her own inner geek. 

This man has worked hard to create a flexible future for himself, but it is important – in the early stages and in the present – that you are open to working around his long hours and travel schedule. He will do everything in his considerable power to make that as easy as possible for the right woman (including covering flights and accommodations). 

If you or anyone you know feel you could be a fit for this dreamy bachelor client of ours, please apply here. There are ZERO fees associated with meeting this client. What are you waiting for? He is ready to deconstruct the world with you, and put it back together creatively.
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