We are excited to announce a new VIP search for an international gentleman in his mid 30’s who represents the merits upon which we have built the Linx network.

Our client spends the majority of his time in the Middle East and has a passion for luxury travel all over the world. He stands 5’9”, with a lean but athletic build, a full head of jet black hair, a bright smile, and mesmerizing beautiful hazel almond shaped eyes. While he leads a healthy life abstaining from smoking, alcohol, tea, or coffee, he is completely open-minded and comfortable around social drinkers. While in the Middle East, our client wears a traditional kandura and speaks his native language, Arabic.

You will find our client to be an alpha male and, like a Boy Scout, he’s loyal, friendly, courteous, clean, and cheerful. He’s articulate, very smart, and intellectually curious, having been educated at the best schools in the UK. Our client is somewhere in the middle along the extrovert and introvert continuum and is very comfortable in large and smaller group dynamics.

Professionally, our client is far beyond his years in terms of lifetime achievements and success at such a young age.  He spends his time toggling between angel investing via multiple funds, and helping his family foundation as an executive through giving back to the community at large. He is exceptionally proud of his professional accomplishments, but that pride stems mostly from the impact his work has had on the lives of the people his family foundation helps. For our client, success is far more about changing lives than making money, and when he’s not doing one or both of those things, he loves to get away from the desk and just go play.

Outside of work, our polymath loves the great outdoors, flying aircraft, speaking multiple languages, socializing, spending time with his beloved family, studying economics and foreign policy, caring for his exotic animals and playing the piano, which he has done since he was a young boy.

With all he has going on in his life, it’s our VIP client’s time to find the love of his life and embark on a grand adventure with you.

His ideal match is 24-38 years old, 5’3”+, Caucasian, with natural curves, and a wholesome appearance. He appreciates a woman’s natural beauty without a lot of make-up. Our client finds intelligent and accomplished women to be very desirable, and he would prefer to date someone who has graduated from an Ivy League university or Tier One school at a minimum.

At her core, she is loving, family centric, sweet, open-minded, non-judgmental, smart, intuitive, and globally-minded. She is very ready for marriage and children and looks forward to this new chapter in her life.  She is flexible and potentially open to relocation and looks forward to an extraordinary life with a world class man.

If you or anyone you know might make the perfect match for this VIP, please submit your information here. There are NO fees for qualified candidates to meet our client.