Linx Dating is the Silicon Valley Matchmaker

Back in 2000 and living in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Founder & CEO, Amy Andersen had an “a ha” moment right in her backyard. She was socializing and meeting countless successful, highly educated, and professional men, the majority of whom were single and searching for “the one.” Andersen was stunned by the dearth of eligible women in close proximity to these “gems” of men and, naturally, looked up to San Francisco where she saw a fascinating trend in the female population. Lots of gorgeous and brainy women frustrated by the shortage of commitment-minded men around them. Supply meets demand. Eligible professional Silicon Valley man + well rounded attractive professional San Francisco woman= unique niche and a great opportunity to be had.

For the next 3+ years, Andersen was all-consumed by research and tapping into her expansive network of friends for advice and to see if they would be her first beta clients. Back in the early days, Linx was originally based on Andersen’s network of friends and referrals to their friends with interviews conducted in coffee shops.