For single women ages 23-28

Our Bay Area based bachelor is a polished, good-looking, athletic 28-year old Caucasian gentleman who stands nearly 6'0" and has medium length brown hair, blue eyes, and an infectious smile.  His physique represents the functional strength and stamina earned playing a varsity sport for a tier one university. His beaming personality comes from his uniformly positive attitude toward life.

While he has been decorated with many awards, he is most proud of being bestowed the “This is the best day yet” award when he was 13 years old on a trip to Europe with a group of young teenagers.  The group chaperones could not get over the fact he kept on saying those words every day, so they invented the award for him! For a living, our client does what was born to do: beat the stock market as a hedge fund analyst.  

For his life, our client relishes the fact that he has very reasonable work hours, giving him ample freedom to pursue his myriad of hobbies, from playing sports to hiking in National Parks to participating in conservative political think tanks. 

Our bachelor is best suited for a Caucasian woman who is 23-28 years old. She’s athletic, health conscious like our client, and lives for the outdoors.  Physical attributes most desirable for this All-American man are natural beauty, blond hair, bright blue eyes, and a healthy white smile. Friends would describe her as social, intelligent, energetic, and passionate!  

Like our client, she was raised well, possesses strong moral values, and is a class act. She’s been waiting to find a partner who is every bit as excited to take on life’s challenged with a smile as he is! Outside of her career, she looks forward to spending her time with her partner doing activities from playing sports together, hiking, spending time with family, and engaging in discussions about politics.


Our first bachelor is an extremely successful, curious, and cute Asian-American gentleman in his late 20s who is athletic and outdoorsy, and enjoys diving wholeheartedly into new adventures with enthusiasm and zeal. He is 5’10”, loves to travel, and would like to find a passionate, tall, athletic woman of any ethnicity who loves her work, enjoys sharing her opinions, and wants a partner-in-crime for all that life has in store.

Our second bachelor is a highly educated 30-year-old Caucasian gentleman of nearly 6’0" who loves long hikes and deep conversations. He is drawn to white and Latin women who are as fiery as they are feminine, and wants someone with a strong intellectual bent who carries herself with sophistication and grace. He is soulful and socially-conscious, and seeks a family-focused, exceptionally educated paramour who also loves international travel, is engaged in the world around her on all levels, and shares (or can embrace) the moral underpinnings of his Catholic faith. 

Our third bachelor is a high-achieving early 40’s gentleman who is active and athletic. He is CEO of venture-backed company that is delivering on its promise to make real and positive change in the world around us. He is handsome, lean, 6’0” tall, Caucasian, with medium brown hair, warm hazel eyes and a quick broad smile. He has boundless curiosity and the energy to match it; a lifetime with him will be full of excitement, adventure, and joy.

Our client values family, commitment, and loyalty above all else, and is looking for the right woman – for the love of his life – to join him in a lifelong exploration of passion, partnership, and (ideally) parenthood. He is highly selective and has a demanding professional life, but marriage – and all that it entails – is serious and sacred to our light-hearted client; he can and will make time in his life to nurture the right relationship and raise a happy family.  He is particularly drawn to Caucasian women who are tall, slender, and with Nordic features. He loves a woman with a huge heart, possessing family values, and who has a strong maternal instinct. 


Our bachelor is a masculine and self-aware Caucasian 28-year-old client standing 6’2”, with an athletic physique, short brown hair, beard, and a roguish smile. He keeps fit (and sane) with a daily morning workout at the local gym, but would much prefer to be outdoors tossing a football or exploring a new hiking trail. Usually found in a casual button-up and jeans—mostly to avoid spooking his startup clients—he still loves suiting up for a night on the town. Our client attended Caltech and Stanford for his undergrad and graduate degrees, and served as a published researcher in solar energy before switching to patent law. Now, he specializes in crafting patent portfolios for venture-backed startups. At the intersection of cutting edge technology and complex legal strategy, he loves the challenge his career provides.

He is confident, charismatic, and highly intelligent, our client is a natural conversationalist. While he could talk on almost any subject, he is happiest discussing something that you both are excited about—and will often seek out such topics. Our client’s thoughtfulness lends him both intellectual and emotional depth, which he deftly balances with by a playful and witty sense of humor. He knows how to do his part in a great relationship and is ready to settle in with just the right partner.

His best suited match is between the ages of 23-33 years old, physically fit, of any ethnic background, with classic features, expressive eyes, and feminine. She’s a girl-next door type who’s approachable, confident, smart, and is self-aware. Think IQ meets EQ, where her emotional intelligence has been honed over the years from self work and a desire to continually learn and grow as an individual. While she’s a driven professional, she has no problem letting the proverbial hair down and being silly at times. She welcomes adventures into her life, has a willingness to try new things, and while independent, welcomes the idea of shared activities with her dream guy.


Our highly successful, 33-year-old, 5’10” bachelor of South Asian (Indian) heritage is looking to make his most successful investment yet… with you. Curious, introspective, and family focused, this quite handsome man is hoping for lifelong dividends with a romantic and worldly woman who places primary importance on relationships in all aspects of her life. He is drawn to outgoing petite and intelligent ladies who share his Indian heritage, and he looks forward to starting a family with the love of his life. 


We are thrilled to announce a new search for a well-educated, successful, and dynamic 36-year old gentleman. At 5’10”, this handsome client has an athletic build, auburn hair, blue eyes and a contagious smile. Our client was born and raised in Canada, so you can expect that he will be exceedingly polite, adept in both sun and snow, and knows the difference between maple syrup and Mrs. Buttersworth! He’s a citizen of the world having lived in Canada, the UK, Continental Europe and the US. Blurring the line between “working in finance” and “outside of work”, he tries to make sure that he spends as much time as possible with people and projects that he is passionate about.  

Despite his ambitions, load of responsibilities, and tireless work ethic, our client doesn’t take himself too seriously. He finds that he sleeps better at night if he keeps some perspective that life comes and goes, and while we should try to do great things while we can, it’s really important to enjoy ourselves, smile and appreciate the people in our lives. He’s climbed Everest base camp, plays hockey and tennis whenever possible, hosts large dinner parties 'just because', and is extremely close to his family who reside in Canada and the Bay Area.  Our client has boundless energy, is the person that is always looking to do more in life, and be the best he can be no matter what! He’s hungry for the right relationship and at 36 feels more than ready for marriage and kids. 
Our client responds best to women ages 24-34, 5’2” + (taller is better), slender and fit, feminine, stylish, and of any ethnic heritage. Her personality shines like his does and she loves being around people! Friends would be quick to call her witty, adaptable, open-minded, intelligent, and warm hearted. Like our client loves being in cities, she’s a city girl at heart and loves the pace, energy, and culture metropolitan regions offer. She’s a passionate soul, down-to-earth, physically active, and fun to be around. As cliche as it sounds, she would just be as comfortable getting sweaty on a hike, as she would be flying to Hawaii for the weekend, or attending a black tie charity function in her finest. 


Our bachelor is a 6’4”, African American, Star Trek nerd in his early 30’s who commutes between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  But don’t let the Trekiness make you think he spends all of his time indoors playing World of Warcraft with the other nerds.  He’s also a former USA Men’s National athlete and is much more comfortable scuba diving with sharks or on safari in the Serengeti than he is sitting in front of his computer screen.  It’s nearly impossible to grasp how dynamic this client is on pretty much all levels - professionally, interests wise, and personality.  He’s an individualist who has taken unusual twists and turns professionally and has confidently strode into his family’s elite business managing and growing assets.  Growing up in a family of educators where academics was always a major focus, he earned a BA from Stanford and a post graduate degree from another top school - but Stanford definitely has his heart. He considers himself to be a self-motivated type; ambitious and competitive, but you’ll also find him to be silly at times, geeky, giving, introspective, and romantic too! 

His best suited match is mid 20’s to mid 30’s who is African American, Caucasian, or of Latin heritage. She is ideally taller- so think between 5'8"-6'1", with athletic slender physique, and competitive like our bachelor. As sporty and active as she might be, she appreciates and enjoys being feminine. More so, she understands an entrepreneurs mentality, likes to win in life, and is driven by adventure and fun.  She’s a proud nerd at heart and thinks geeking out about space exploration over sushi in Tokyo one night followed by skydiving in the morning somewhere else in the world sounds like a dream come true. 


Our 35-year old bachelor pursues a life of impact that balances constant physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth.  He's Indian-American, stands at 5'10", and has an athletic build.  He was born and raised in Chicago, where he learned that family and friends come first.  An athlete his whole life, he works out at least once a day, doing crossfit, weights, running, or tennis.  Music plays a big role in his life, and he sings and plays the guitar.  He's been traveling his whole life, and visits a new country every year.  He doesn't resonate with organized religion, but was raised in a spiritual Hindu family where he learned to value daily yoga and mediation.

Professionally, he's finishing up a full decade in clean energy, working at the White House and then SolarCity. Our bachelor is very excited to be working on his own company now.  He studied at Stanford and Harvard, though learned much more through struggling in early stage startups and political campaigns.

He's drawn to women who challenge him physically, intellectually, and spiritually.  He's usually drawn to slender, well-dressed, and physically-fit women who have straight, darker hair of a variety of ethnicities.  He loves a woman's curiosity, and how it keeps things interesting.  He's attracted to a person with strong values who feels a need to make herself and the world better in big and small ways.  He's a conversationalist, and appreciates expressive women.  Life is long - and you should be with someone who makes you excited to wake up, get better, and get after it every day.


This 6’0” tall, dark-haired, and very attractive gentleman has strong Southern roots and West Coast style. A lifelong swimmer and accomplished entrepreneur, our 41-year-old bachelor excels at all aspects of life, and now seeks a soulmate for building a deep spiritual connection, exploring the world, and starting a family together. His Jewish faith is a cornerstone in his life, and his ideal match is tall, athletic, articulate, well educated, stylish, feminine, Caucasian, and matrilineally Jewish. He is open to women who live in the Bay Area, as well as those who live in L.A. 


Our first bachelor is a handsome European 29-year-old bachelor, stands 6’1” with an athletic physique, a fantastic head of chestnut hair and a hip sense of style. Sometimes sporting a closely cropped beard and other times clean-cut, he is sure to catch your eye.  New to the US, he is excited to place his roots in the Bay Area and has no plans to leave! Professionally, our bachelor has worked as an Art Director before co-founding his own digital design studio working for top international clients. Outside of work, food and fitness play important roles in his life and he’d love to find a partner who shares the same healthy sensibilities.

He is well-traveled and eager to explore new destinations with his dream match. Like many Europeans, this candidate has a worldly outlook and one that is not only open-minded but mature beyond his biological years. He’s sharp, ambitious, refreshingly down-to-earth, candid, possessing strong family values, intuitive, and a strong communicator. He is drawn to taller athletic women of any ethnicity who are confident, warm-hearted, mature, and passionate about her career. Feminine sculpted curves, an original sense of style, and great posture go a long way with this bachelor.  

Our second bachelor is a pragmatic optimist at age 34. This Caucasian gentleman stands 5’7” with an athletic build, medium length brown hair, greenish-brown eyes, and a boyish grin. He’s a wilderness expert, who’s hiked Patagonia, New Zealand, and recently returned from post-earthquake Nepal. Our client is a physician, academic epidemiologist, human rights advocate, social entrepreneur, and global health expert. Academically, he is educated at Princeton, as well as, two other top universities for his MD and MPH. He is an experiential learner who would travel to the moon, if that were an option. Maybe it comes from his parents, who traveled the world for seven years in the 1970s. He prizes mind-bending conversation, Pandora, and omakase. 

“Outside of work” includes non-profit board work, so the lines between “work” and “outside of work” blur with his passion for social justice. Despite his ambitions, responsibilities, and tireless work ethic, he is a natural west coaster with his laid-back attitude. His quirks are inspired with intellect, sprinkled with humor, and fused by a swirl of those most influential in his life.

His best suited match is ages 25-35 years old, Caucasian, mixed race, or European, 5’3”+, with a petite to athletic frame. She’s naturally very cute and doesn’t feel the need to always dress up or wear make-up. In fact, our client thinks women are most beautiful au natural. Our client is turned on by women who are at the top of their field and has a strong sense of social justice.  He likes women who exercise, can discuss current events, and cares about the world (i.e., she followed the Ebola crisis, or are following the Syrian refugee crisis) and have an appreciation for the outdoors. She is best described as warm, caring, highly empathetic, humble, and curious. Perhaps her life has been infused with rights-based thinking and wanting to “save the world”- in whatever shape, form, and size that takes place.  Finally, his dream match should desire a family of her own one day and be excited at the prospect of being a mother. 


Our bachelor is a fun yet easy-going 37-year-old Indian American gentleman who stands 5’8”, has a slim/fit build, medium length black hair, brown eyes, a contagious smile, and stylish look. A lifelong athlete, he keeps fit with a regular combination of workouts at the gym and battles with the club tennis pro on the hard court. 

Our client resides in Texas and has a sister who is married with two children in Bay Area whom he sees often.  He is very open to a match who resides either in the Bay Area or Texas.  

Raised by two immigrant parents, he has high integrity and has good manners (yes, he opens doors), and naturally leads…but he enjoys when a woman takes the lead from time to time as well as he sees relationships as partnerships.  Professionally, this candidate is a portfolio manager for a successful hedge fund. An opportunistic entrepreneur at heart, he started his own real estate company during the global financial crisis to purchase and fix-up foreclosed homes and rent them out, later selling them for a profit. 

Outside of his demanding career, he has a deep curiosity and interest in learning and trying new things. He has been to all of the planet’s continents except Antarctica and he loves going to new places, seeing new things and immersing himself in local culture. Despite his ambition and high intensity work environment, he tries not to take anything too seriously. Instead he likes to focus on living life to the fullest, being happy, building meaningful relationships and making the world a better place. I think you will find him to be a great guy, fun, well rounded, and most importantly, ready for commitment.

His best suited match is between the ages 25-36.  She could be any ethnicity but our client prefers someone with a real cultural heritage she is proud of! He responds best to feminine women who take pride in maintaining her health through fitness and enjoying dressing up. 

His ideal match is social, independent, family centric, nurturing, confident, mature, secure about herself, a true partner (as opposed to a dependent) and ready for a no games, no drama amazing relationship! 


Our achievement oriented and self-aware 39-year old bachelor resides in San Francisco and feels more ready than ever to find his dream match. He’s a handsome Caucasian gentleman who is 5’10”, very fit, with hazel eyes, a strong law line, and warm smile. He was named an Academic All-American as an NCAA Division 1 soccer player in college and has always maintained a very active lifestyle including: yoga, surfing, heli skiing, biking, tennis, and he’s even maintained a single-digit handicap in golf throughout the years. 

Professionally, he’s an executive in real estate private equity and while he has found success at work, he now hopes to find the same in his love life.  He focuses on the positive in life, loves to laugh, and dislikes drama. He sees relationships as partnerships and hopes to find a woman that can challenge him and who wants to be challenged, but all in the name of love. He doesn’t practice any organized religion but believes in the pursuit of being more present and wants to enhance spirituality in his life.  
Our bachelor is attracted to naturally cute, fit, sporty, taller women (5’7” is the perfect height). She’s social, smart, compassionate, thoughtful, grounded, and low on drama. This caring and energetic woman wants to be active with her man and participate in all the great things Bay Area living has to offer. She’s always up for a fun adventure and can’t wait to tackle new and exciting activities with her partner. 


Our bachelor is a highly successful, passionate 39 year-old Caucasian restaurant entrepreneur. He’s 6’1” with a slender and athletic build. He works out regularly, has short brown hair, hazel eyes and an infectious smile.

Our client is passionate about food and fitness, and loves to travel. He attended UCLA for undergraduate and business school, and has lived abroad extensively in Spain, Japan and Italy and speaks all three languages! He is an avid golfer, and enjoys weekend trips to Napa, and even spontaneous trips to Hawaii to relax and take a break from his busy lifestyle.

Social and family oriented, he has a strong ability to put others at ease through humor and his compassionate nature. You will also find our bachelor to be introspective and with depth. He meditates regularly and is grateful for all that he has in life.

Ever dream of a man who knows how to cook? Look no further! This bachelor loves to cook all different types of food, checking out new restaurants in the Bay Area and all over the world when able. He is intelligent, caring and kind and has a great sense of humor.

His dream match would be between the ages of 26 and 32 years old, passionate about food, fitness and travel. She could see herself spending a month or two in Europe each year with her leading man! He is attracted most to Caucasian and European women who are slender and fit, feminine and classy, with a warm and compassionate heart. Our client is looking for someone who is excited to travel the world with him and also enjoy each day at home, ultimately with a family and a dog.


Our client is a masculine, stoic, and happy Caucasian 31-year-old, who stands 6’0” with an athletic physique and charming dimples. A distinguishable physical feature about our bachelor is his impressive wavy golden beard, thick golden dark blond hair, and moustache. Professionally, he’s had a long career at a tech company working as a staff engineer. While he’s quite at home in “nerd” culture, he can easily shift with ease and genuine interest in places of high culture, like the theatre and art museums, and in places of no human culture at all, like the High Sierra backcountry!

Our client is very well educated from a top college focused on engineering and although young, feels balanced and successful in his career to find a life-long relationship and marriage. 

Our client’s best suited match is between the ages of 26-35 years old. Her look might best be described as a little punk or alternative. She might have soft, feminine curves or be slender or athletic in her physique. Any ethnicity is welcome. 

Friends would describe her as smart, inquisitive, down-to-earth, independent, and generally a happy girl. She desires an intellectual equal to share adventures with, including eventually the adventure of starting a family. Ideally she is based in Silicon Valley or the South Bay. 


Our charming mid-40s bachelor was truly born with entrepreneurship in his blood, and has now been expanding the family brand for more than two decades. He is 5’10”, athletically well rounded, extremely well traveled, and very sophisticated. He seeks someone genuine, grounded, intelligent, and elegant with whom to share his extraordinary life. Passionate, youthful, and feminine women catch his eye, and he is most often drawn to athletic and slender Caucasian women, as well as those who – like him – are of mixed Asian/European heritage. 


Our intellectual and funny 42-year old Israeli bachelor stands 5’9” with an athletic build, short brown hair, brown eyes, and a kind, warm smile. He has been an attorney for the last 17 years working exclusively with entrepreneurs, startups and venture capitalists. He grew up in Israel and moved to the US about 9 years ago to get his LL.M degree at an Ivy League. Outside of work, he loves spending quality time with his two children (13 and 11 years old), honing his DJ skills, 
traveling, dining, attending concerts, and adventures near and far. This candidate has many facets to his personality. At work, he dresses and acts like a serious corporate attorney, while with friends and family, he’s more casual, relaxed and just himself. Despite his ambitions and responsibilities, he enjoys taking it easy. He is both interested in succeeding in his career and creating a good, fun life for  himself and for those around him. 

His best suited match is between the ages of 27-47 years old and of Caucasian, Asian, or Mixed race heritage.  She is feminine, sexy, and social. Our bachelor appreciates entrepreneurial woman who are independent, open-minded, smart, and with a great sense of humor intact. She should appreciate the outdoors, travel (everything from camping to five star accommodations), cooking, children, music, and fun! 


Our enterprising bachelor is based in Los Angeles and late 30’s, with an athletic physique, and approaches life with an open, engagingly positive demeanor. He is Pacific Islander in heritage, with dark hair, warm brown eyes, and an easy, yet piercing presence. He stays extremely active rotating between boxing, pilates, Soul Cycle, yoga and surfing during the week.

Our client’s life has been painted on a pretty large canvas and with a multi-colored palette. Having grown up in various parts of Los Angeles to parents who are entrepreneurs, he was educated at the highest quality schools including obtaining a post graduate degree. Professionally, our client works at a prestigious investment firm as a division head. One of his personal philosophies in life is that integrity is demonstrated not discussed. As such, he’s a natural born leader serving on numerous boards of philanthropic organizations. Beyond his IQ, our client possesses a strong EQ. He is an engaged and empathetic listener, with conversation punctuated by strong connection, warm smiles and plenty of humor. Outside of work and charity, our client loves good food, travel, friends, family, and the ocean. He feels beyond ready to meet his future wife and approaches this process with open arms and a vulnerable heart.

His best suited match is between the ages of 28-34 years old. She is Caucasian or Mixed race, super cute, fresh faced, fit, and stylish. Her friends and family are important cornerstones in her life, as is, giving back to the community- or at least a curiosity to make a positive impact in society. She is First Lady material.

She approaches her life with confidence, integrity and would support her man through thick and thin. There’s a depth to her, a real groundedness, a realness, and strong conviction to be the best she can be at all times! Yet beyond these key foundational characteristics, she is a real sweetheart and her heart golden.

His dream match would have the latitude, desire, and curiosity to embrace spending time together on many adventures which includes raising a family someday soon and she needs to be open to living in Los Angeles.  Our client loves his full life in LA and has no plans to leave anytime soon.


Our client is a handsome Caucasian male who's 43-years old, 5’10”, with a nice athletic build. He keeps fit from regular hiking, mountain biking, weight training and bits of yoga.  Wellness is very important to him. Originally from Connecticut, he’s very much at home here in California. 

He’s undeniably intelligent, Harvard educated and successful, but also down-to-earth, approachable, and loves to have fun and laugh – especially playful sarcastic banter.   

He’s had an eclectic career spanning a number of industries and roles.  Most recently though, he realized his true passion is helping people get healthy and has spent the last few years in leadership roles at healthy food companies, currently at a fresh juice business.

You can just as easily find him leading a company, spending time with friends and family, or going on outdoor adventures with his five and a half year old dog “Ares” (a Vizsla).  

Our candidate is an empathetic, compassionate, direct communicator, in touch with his emotional side and unafraid to communicate it in caring ways.   He’s definitely a bit of romantic and gives his whole self when in a relationship.  He loves to travel and has been to at least 50 different countries, with dozens more on his wish list.  

Favorite places so far: The night sky in the Maldives, the top of Mt. Whitney, Yarra Yering winery north of Melbourne, Borobudur Temple, the Whitsunday Islands, the wine in Saint-Emilion, his couch and a good Netflix series.    

He approaches all aspects of life with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, and doesn't believe there are problems that can't be solved.  He believes you should always treat people fairly and equally, regardless of background.  You can be absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, but if, for example, you treat service people as second-class citizens, he can’t be with you.  

He would love to build a family and believes raising children will be the most important thing he’ll ever do – creating wonderful human beings and teaching them to go out and help change the world for the better.  He learned that from his parents and wants to do the same for his children.  Most importantly, our candidate is inherently happy and likes being around other happy, uplifting people.  

His best suited match is between the ages of 28-40 years old. At her core she is highly compassionate, caring, and a giving soul. O. Henry’s book, “The Gift of the Magi” is a great example of the type of relationship our client strives for. Where two people give more to each other than take from one another. As our client is into health, fitness, and overall wellness, it’s important that his match share a love of balance and healthy living too.  In terms of physical appearance, she's fit, naturally attractive, and isn’t greatly influenced by “keeping up with the Joneses". She’s comfortable in her own skin, isn’t driven by money, highly altruistic, and looks forward to love deeply and to be deeply loved in return.  


Our 48-year old Bay Area bachelor will fill your life with love, laughter and adventure. Together you’ll enjoy traveling, exploring the great outdoors, and solving the world’s problems over a bottle of nice wine. The first thing you’ll notice about our client is his height. This Caucasian man is 6’7” with an athletic build and a full head of brown hair. He stays fit by biking, running and participating in athletic challenges. He is an honest and kind family man who has found no greater satisfaction in his life than a heartfelt hug from his kids, and he’s looking for a partner who also values family and the loyalty of good friendships above any personal prestige.

Professionally, he has worked as an international attorney in New York and a technology salesperson on the West Coast, and he currently enjoys working in executive positions. He is Ivy League educated with an undergraduate degree in English and Philosophy and a graduate degree in law. Between undergrad and law school, our client spent four years living in Europe studying the effects of European wine on the American physique and learning French, German and Italian. Be sure to let him order for you in an Italian restaurant!

His ideal match is between 28-45 years old, taller, with medium to long hair, beautiful eyes and a warm smile. She’s fit, pretty, exudes feminine energy and can engage with him in both intellectual discussions and witty banter. He’s typically drawn to Asian, Caucasian and mixed race women with a curiosity for life who can bring a joie de vivre and a strong sense of humor to the relationship. If you want to try kayaking or cross-country skiing, know that caesar was not just a salad and think that puns are the highest form of wit, this is the man for you!


Our bachelor is an intellectual and entrepreneurial 46-year-old Caucasian gentleman who stands 5’9”, has an athletic build, medium length blond hair, green eyes, and rugged, boyish good looks. Leadership has come to be defining aspects of his life. He founded an internet company, grew the company to be a significant enterprise with 100+ employees and ultimately sold that company. He is Ivy League educated for both his undergraduate degree and his post graduate degrees and has enjoyed a  diverse, exciting set of work experiences while getting to live all around the globe. Our bachelor is an adventurous guy who grew up in Canada and seeks pleasure and excitement from a wide range of activities including the water, sports, cooking, wine, reading fiction, and everything about entertaining! While not political, he leans more socially liberal and economically centralist. Our bachelor is energetic, funny, good-spirited, quirky, and extremely down-to-earth.

He best responds to women who are in their 30’s, of any ethnic background, fit, feminine, and with a naturally beautiful way about her. She’s laid back, friendly, an idealist, quick witted, book smart, social, and those that meet her would call her charismatic. She wants to engage in conversation with her man- from politics, economics, science and other ideas and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. 


Our handsome and Midwest bred Caucasian late-40s bachelor stands 5’10”, with an easy smile, and soulful bedroom eyes. A lifelong athlete and avid sports fan, our bachelor enjoys running, hiking, and cycling to stay in shape. He started a successful research & corporate strategy consulting firm nearly two decades ago which has afforded him tremendous latitude and flexibility to enjoy life, exemplified by summers spent traveling! He is the proud father to a young son, with whom he plays a very active role in his life- picking up from school daily and enjoying everything from ice cream to building Legos together. He is genuinely curious about the world around him, embraces new cultures and cuisines, and has mastered the art of cooking & entertaining.  He loves good food and wine, entertaining on a small and large scale, traveling extensively, and living life to the fullest.  You will find him energetic, attentive, thoughtful, attractive and placing high value on a woman who appreciates a family centric man. 

He is most drawn to women who like him are based in Marin County or in neighboring San Francisco. Ideally his dream match would have child(ren) of her own and understand the tremendous joy that is derived from being a mom. Simply put, she prioritizes being a loving, doting mom as her #1 mission in her active life. Our bachelor is very drawn to feminine women who are in shape, easy-going, cultured, and not interested in keeping up with the Joneses. 


Our self-made Silicon Valley Latin bachelor is a youthful 49-year old accomplished executive. He has gorgeous dark-hair, an athletic physique, and stands 5’10”.  He works in technology and has a passion for building and financing companies.   Unlike many successful Silicon Valley executives where ego is front and center, our client will strike you as mature, fun and carries himself with an understated confidence that lends to his sex appeal.   He is family oriented, generous, social and masculine.  Our bachelor has never been married, has no kids and is very ready for both.  In his spare time he loves to travel, read, work out, ride motorcycles and pretty much anything outdoors.  Our bachelor is very successful, good looking and stylish.  

He is typically drawn to women 30-42 years old, Latin, Caucasian, or Mixed race. His ideal match is physically fit and naturally beautiful. At her core, she is down-to-earth, loyal and very family-centric. She is drawn to the idea of meeting a Silicon Valley bachelor who’s ready for marriage and family and is open to relocation. His match must love the outdoors and being into healthy living like he is. 

For single women ages 30-43

Our outgoing and eye-catching 6’3” bachelor is a fantastic blend of preppy East Coast style and relaxed West Coast spirit. He is a well-educated executive and avid local sports fan who likes to hike reconnect with nature in Tahoe and Marin, and would love to share his down time with sexy and sophisticated woman who is caring, quick-witted, and a classic “California girl” at heart. Passionate about his family, friends, and community service, he has a weakness for smart and stylish blondes who can appreciate his charm, generosity, and humility.


This Palo Alto-based gentleman is a fit, active, handsome, very witty 47-year old who stands 5’10”, and has been an athlete throughout his life - shaved head, dark eyes, and a kind, warm smile.  His sense of style is relaxed and casual.  

While he keeps busy and in shape through a range of activities, his most common choices are cycling, running and soccer -  he is an early riser and fan of starting the day right with a long run or ride. He has been divorced for over 3.5 years and is the father of 3 charming sporty kids (ages 8, 9, and 11).  He is very devoted to their well-being and happiness and thus spends as much of his time with them as possible.  Because he is on good terms with his ex, they prioritize regular family time and collectively enjoy family dinners twice a week. While raising his children is his top priority, his entrepreneurial career has afforded him the opportunity to spend his time as he sees fit.  This flexibility is a luxury that he considers to be the most valuable aspect of his life, and one that he was lucky to achieve.

Academically, he received his BS in Business Administration from a Bay Area school. Professionally, he owns 3 companies that collectively employ over 150 people.  He is a huge fan of learning, though less about business and more about self.  Professionally he has achieved all and then some… To put it in his terms, “he has achieved professional contentment, now it’s time to enjoy life”. He's in his element in the tropics such as Hawaii and anywhere sunny.  Ocean is his element and Sun is his G*d.  He has a big appetite for adventure and trying new things, but is also appreciates structure and discipline during the week.  

He doesn’t care for people who toot their own horns too much, especially here in Silicon Valley.  Being raised by a single mother, he ranks mom as the strongest person in his life.  He has an older brother and younger sister who live in Palo Alto and Los Altos.  His friends make up the balance of his “family”, one which he values second only to his children.  Down-to-earth, honest, an open book, warm hearted, very smart, and ready for a monogamous loving connection and relationship. 

His best suited match is between the ages of 30-45, with a sweet spot for late 30’s. She’s athletic, sporty, naturally attractive, and fresh faced. He’s drawn to blonds but open and prefers someone who loves an active, healthy lifestyle like he does. His match could error on the serious side when it comes to her career but outside of that domain, friends might describe her as a bit of a goofball or at least able to shake off life’s stresses and let the proverbial hair down. She’s receptive to a strong, alpha male, yet where both partners are able to be vulnerable, real, and human at the end of the day. Ideally she’s based in the Silicon Valley or surrounding areas.  


Our client is the proverbial "tall, dark, and handsome” that women find incredibly attractive. He is a 6’2" athletic and outdoorsy 48-year old Caucasian man who’s heritage is a beautiful blend of German, Bulgarian, Irish, Mexican, and Spanish. Residing and working in Silicon Valley, he relishes in any chance to get outside and be sporty. He’s a single-digit handicap golfer and grew up swimming competitively. Professionally, he’s a partner at an established firm and knows that these next few years are the most important in terms of his growth potential within the company. Outside of work, this soulful, calm, and healthy bachelor loves cooking, seeing friends and family, attending concerts, and reading. He’s confident, grounded, down-to-earth, and loyal. 

He is best matched to a woman between 32-40 years old where she can envision settling down in the Silicon Valley. He’s drawn to taller women, who are brunettes, very feminine, and stylish. His ideal match keeps physically very active like he does and takes pride in maintaining her toned physique. His match is someone who others would describe as warm, selfless and incredibly loving. 


Our Caucasian bachelor is a smart and down-to-earth Southern gentleman who’s 51 and resides in Silicon Valley. He is 5’11”, brown hair with flecks of grey, and hazel eyes.  He has youthful good looks, a bright white smile, and sun kissed skin.  

After spending nearly a decade in LA in the entertainment business, he made the move to Northern California in the mid- 90’s to work in the Internet space as an executive. Despite his success, you will find this candidate to be remarkably low key and someone who deemphasizes prioritization on material things, and keeping up with the Joneses. 

Entrepreneurship and leadership were his two main characteristics for over 10 years building, launching and selling various companies.  For the past 8+ years he has been consulting and investing in companies as well as focusing on his teenage children, while serving on various boards. 

Passions in life outside of his beautiful kids include: international travel (soon on his list is Italy with his extended family), playing tennis, seeing friends, dining, and adventures near and far. You will find this candidates personality to be very outgoing and at the same time balanced with an easy going demeanor. He is giving, open, honest, and straightforward. This candidate wants to laugh with you, have fun with you, and avoid drama and ego at all costs! 

He is best matched to a woman between 35-48 years old who takes pride in keeping a healthy and active lifestyle. She’s feminine, stylish, and attractive.  

Friends would describe her as: social, smart, fun, adventurous, passionate, creative, ambitious, and balanced. She’s drawn to intellectual pursuits and while she’s self-sufficient, she has the time for a vibrant relationship and is interested in enjoying life to its fullest! She prioritizes family, intellectual pursuits, and any chance to travel with her partner.  


Our bachelor is a high energy and intelligent mid-50’s Caucasian gentleman who is 5’10”, 180 pounds and is based in Manhattan Beach. He is passionate, expressive and is deeply committed to living life fully! He is an entrepreneur, currently owning and running 3 businesses and is very involved with children related philanthropy.  He was born in London, grew up in New York, and has lived in San Francisco, San Diego, and loves the Southern California lifestyle. He received his BA from Amherst College and his MBA from Stanford Business School.

His many interests and activities include hot yoga, Argentine Tango, supporting independent filmmakers, hiking, basketball, travel and dining. He loves art and music and regularly goes to museums, art and music festivals and concerts. He takes adult extension courses and likes to push himself outside of his comfort zone. This candidate is a passionate and intense person who feels things deeply. He has a great and happy life and wants to share it with a partner. He is deeply committed to his 2 kids (ages 20 and 18) and they will always be a priority but given their ages and his work and philanthropy structure, he has the desire to put in the time and effort to have a committed long-term relationship. 

Our bachelor responds best to feminine, stylish, and beautiful women who care about staying in shape. His match is social, intelligent, an excellent communicator, very affectionate, introspective, and independent. She gets what work life balance means and lives her life where flexibility and freedom are paramount. His perfect match would be based near Manhattan Beach yet our bachelor is very open to women residing in NYC, the Bay Area, or beyond.


Our handsome, squared-jawed, 5’9” bachelor from a very successful career in venture capital loves being in nature, drinking great wines, and enjoying fine food with a true companion. He is a deep and sensitive man who is enthusiastic about being in a lifelong relationship, and has a preference for women who have previously been married. An avid skier, hiker, and tennis player, he is semi-retired from a very successful career and finds multiple ways to volunteer his time when not on the slopes, courts, or links. He is typically drawn to petite and energetic brunettes who can keep up with him in all aspects of his life, and loves optimistic, intelligent women. 


This world-class gentleman is handsome and distinguished, is 75-years old, but has the looks and energy of a man in his 50’s. He is the CEO of a company that remains at the very top of its industry, and believes that founding this company decades ago was the best professional decision of his life. He is in excellent physical shape and spends a significant amount of time piloting his plane and engaging in regular professional gliding. It’s not easy to find someone so ambitious who can balance business and pleasure so well - our bachelor maintains a flexible schedule that very intentionally keeps his weeknights and weekends open for an active social life.      

Though our bachelor is very content with his life, he is looking to find someone with whom he can share affection and those adventures that are so close to his heart. He is, of course, extremely intelligent and having an intellectual conversation over a delicious meal is his idea of the perfect evening. At his core, he is a sophisticated, assertive and take-charge gentleman, but these traits are well complimented by his easy-going attitude and flexible nature - he is faithful, giving, and chivalrous and is hoping to meet a woman who appreciates, and takes interest in, all that he has to offer. 

His ideal match would be Caucasian or of European heritage, maximum 5’6”, petite or slender, very attractive, and someone cerebral who enjoys spending her evenings socializing, entertaining, dining out or attending the opera. In a nutshell, she is pretty, petite, social, and not shy about her inner nerd. The brainier, the better! 


Our 60-year-old, 5’8”, bachelor is a youthful and fun-loving father of two whose olive skin and Sicilian roots give him an Old World charm not often found in Silicon Valley. This gentleman is a man of his word, and takes commitments seriously. He is also as modern as he is traditional – he balances his dual citizenship and large Italian family with a passion for yoga! He loves sexy, spicy Latin and Caucasian women with generous curves, big hearts, and a strong sense of style. He is well-rounded, quite successful, very romantic, and would ideally like to meet a lady love who shares his deep Catholic faith.